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Wednesday the 5th of March 2014

11:13 PM

First day of our field trip

This is the first day of the first field trip of the class. Corinna, here we go. I have been to Corinna before but that was years ago. Exactly when I cannot remember now, probably 6/7 years ago. I should have been there again in 2011 but did not make as the car rolled over near Couta Rock on our way to Corinna. Jake showed me a Twany Frogmouth on a tree. Jake is good value. He has good eyesight and is so observant that he is always the first one to spot something. The possums and wallabies were very active at night hanging around our campsite and we were warned to keep our food really secure as these fellas surely will have a go if they have a chance. Chloe's tent was "broken into" by a possum which eat through her tent and backpack to get to her food. It is either very hungry or determined.
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