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Wednesday the 28th of May 2014

9:12 PM

Bus commentary on Ross Village Bakery

Today is the first day of our field trip to Bruny Island and I did a bus commentary on the Ross Village Bakery:

"There is a very special appeal in Ross to Asian tourists. It is the Ross Village Bakery. Before talking about the bakery, I would like to give you some background of a 1989 Japanese animated fantasy film. The cartoon movie is titled Kiki’s Delivery Service. It tells the story of a young witch, Kiki. She spends a year in a town on her own and she uses her magical abilities to deliver bread to earn her living.

The movie was a hit in Japan and the Chinese markets. The setting of the town is inspired by the island of Gotland in Sweden. Movie fans don’t have to go to Sweden to see the bakery Kiki works in because they can find one a lot closer, on the island of Tasmania in Australia – the Ross Village Bakery.

On a trip travelling back from Hobart, we paid a special visit to the Ross Village Bakery. I asked the shop owner if the bakery was featured in a Japanese animé movie years ago. She said she was not sure but a lot of Japanese tourists visit her shop and they even donated guest books to the shop and signed the books. She showed me a few of those books and one even has a cover of the movie poster! She led us to the baking room and showed us the oven. Obviously this is a photo attraction to the tourists visiting her shop.

The wood fired brick oven was built in about 1860 and was rebuilt in 2005. The story about rebuilding the oven is quite interesting. The owner couple wrote a long story which is available on the internet. The title of the story is “How we overcame fear and ignorance to re-build our wood-fired brick bakers’ oven in 10 days”. They got help from an ex-Hobart baker and their first impression of this baker was “[he] comes over as a bit of a cross bred bush mechanic who has just stumbled off the set of Crocodile Dundee”. The couple, this ex-baker and lots of helpers managed to rebuild the oven in 10 days. The ingredients used were: 3,500 bricks (2,500 new, 1,000 recovered), 340kg of mortar, 10 cubic metres of sand, plus cement and lime. On top of these, dozens and hundreds of hamburgers, sandwich loaves, fruit cakes, carrot cakes, cups of tea and coffee.

Probably witch Kiki used her magic to help too." 


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