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Wednesday the 4th of June 2014

9:53 PM

Spiders in New Zealand

Today is the first day for the Guiding students to present their tour projects. Jonny did one one spiders at the Trevallyn Reserve.  He said spiders are very where except in the extreme artic regions. I remember Mark once mentioned that there are no spiders in New Zealand and so I told Jonny about this. He was surprised and said he would do some further research.

At home, I asked Mark again whether there are spiders in New Zealand and he still said no.

I did my own research and found the opposite. In the State of New Zealand's Environment 1997 Report (published by New Zealand's Ministry for the Environment), spiders were mentioned as part of the New Zealand biodiversity in Chapter Nine: The State of Our Biodiversity. According to the New Zealand government's Land Research institute, over 90% of the spiders in New Zealand are endemic.

I reckon the lesson learnt is that I should not trust all what Mark said (though he is correct most of the time). I should do my own research and verify the facts.


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