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Friday the 18th of April 2014

11:00 PM

Notley Gorge & Narawntapu National Park

It was rainy in the morning and we stayed at home. After lunch, the sky cleared up. With only half a day, we took Zoe to nearby attractions - Notley Fern Gorge State Reserve and Narawntapu National Park.

Notley Gorge is a wet sclerophyll forest populated by large, old eucalypts and a variety of fern species. 

The Eucalyptus regnans (Giant Ash) at Notely Gorge are very impressive.

Of all the ferns at Notley Gorge, I like the Hymenophyllum cupressiforme (common filmy fern) most.

Brady's Tree, a burn-out but still living tree with a huge hollow in the centre.

We were in time to get to Narawntapu (one of my most favourite national parks in Tasmania) to catch the sunset. 

A pied oystercatcher on Bakers Beach
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