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Friday the 21st of March 2014

11:46 PM

An Eastern Barred Bandicoot from our backyard

There was a small fire in the kitchen tonight. I put two pies under the grill and went back to my computer to finish off my editing/translation works and homeworks from TAFE. A few minutes later, got into the kitchen to check the pies to found that they were on fire!

My way of making a quick dinner is to microwave the pies and put them under the grill to crisp them up. Probably surface of the pies touched the elements and got to such a heat that it ignited. Dinner is gone.

So we drove to the Legana shopping complex and had KFC there. On our way back when the car was about to turn into our driveway, Mark saw an Eastern Barred Bandicoot walking out from our driveway, crossing the highway! This is the first time he saw an Eastern Barred Bandicoot in the wild. Me being me not very observant and affected by my double vision problem, I did not spot it. It would have been nice to meet this cutie little friend.

The eastern barred bandicoot is an insectivorous marsupial found only in Australia. It is listed as "requiring monitoring" on the Tasmanian Threatened Species List 1995 and is extinct in South Australia and "critically endangered" in Victoria.

The eastern barred bandicoot has a slender, elongated head tapering to a pink nose and well whiskered muzzle. It has large, prominent ears. Its soft fur is greyish brown, while across the hindquarters are the characteristic pale bars or stripes that give the species its name. The belly, feet and short, thin tail are creamy white.

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