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Friday the 14th of March 2014

11:02 PM

I learnt more about wombat

Today we have a visit to the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.

In the Art Gallery at Royal Park, I learnt about a few better known Tasmanian painters: John Glover, Thomas Bock, William Buelow Gould and Robert Dowling.

Most Tasmanians would know John Glover (1767-1849), a fairly well known English painter, when he migrated to Tasmania aged 64. There is a John Glover Society and a life size statue of him in Evandale to honour his contribution to Australian art. The society runs an annual landscape art competition. He is known for his truthful depiction of Australian landscape which is a departure from the darker English country garden model.

Thomas Bock (1790-1855) was an engraver and portrait painter. Came to Tasmania as a convict in 1824 and pardoned in 1832, he was the first professional painter to practise in Tasmania. His portraits of some Tasmanian Aboriginals are significant in that their appearance was affected as these paintings were completed before contact with white settlers.

William Buelow Gould (1801-1853) was also a convict painter and was noted for his Sketchbook of fishes, aka Gould's sketchbook of fishes. 

Robert Dowling (1827-1886) was the first locally trained artist in Australia. He is known for the largest mid-19th century paintings of Australian Aboriginals.

In the Museum at Invermay, there are a lot of stuffed native animals and birds on display. My assigned animals to study are Wombat and Tasmanian Devil. There I learnt one more thing about wombat that it is the only marsupial with teeth that grow continuously through their lifetime.

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