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Monday the 10th of March 2014

11:43 PM

Last day of the Queen's Prize Meeting

Today is the last day of the Tasmanian Queen's Prize Meeting which is an annual statewide target shooting competition. I was solicited to take care of the data input and publishing of the results and this is my third year of service.  This year four major competitions took place back to back - Tasmanian Match Rifle Competition, National F Class National Teams Competition, Davies Series and the Queen's Prize Meeting. The Queen's thus have a huge number of competitors making the days really long. The first two days' schedule was leaving the house at 6:30am and returning after 7pm.

That this is the last day today and I can get home by 4pm is a big relief. We at least will have time to fix the fences and keep the Dudley in. Two days ago, we had a note from a kind lady in our letter box saying that she spotted a black dog with curly hair (which is Dudley) ran away from our driveway and got to the highway. We found that he had dug a big hole underneath the fence and freed himself. I am not sure what I can do - keep inspecting and fixing the fences while Dudley keeps digging?!

At the Queen's prize presentation, I eventually had time to leave the office and joined other shooters. It was a pleasant surprise to see Mr. Robert Blacklow. He had a knee operation last year and had not been shooting for a while. He told me he will be awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to the arts through the production of fine furniture and marquetry and he feels very proud. He rightly should be proud and Tasmanians should be proud of his works too. His notable commissions include The Senate Chamber and Parliament House in Canberra. The Central furniture he built for Canberra include the Marquetry Screen Wall, President's Desk, Central Table and the Hansard Desk, which is Tasmania's gift to the New Parliament House. He has also done a marquetry picture for the Queen.

He will receive the medal in May and promised to show me his medal next time he sees me.
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